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Author Topic: Thoughts on psychoactives in psychotherapy with sociopathic individuals  (Read 173965 times)


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Psychology has been a key interest of mine, and as a result I have been researching psychological profiles of all sorts.

While researching the psychology of sociopathic and violent offenders I came across an interview of a serial killer named "Edmund Kemper" also known as the "co-ed butcher".

During this interview* https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MltpB3BWCBQ (at 12m:14s in) kemper begins discussing an incident where he was given certain drugs by medical staff, and where he was able to see his crimes "through normal peoples eyes" and where he even denied himself his cell and privileges believing that he deserved punishment for his actions. This was all induced by pharmaceutical methamphetamine given on the tail end of a sodium pentothal session. (At least I think it was sodium pentothal, the interview is not very clear)

*link is mobile, if it does not work type "Ed Kemper - Extended Interview 1991" into YouTube search bar)

"For once in my life I could see every aspect of my life, my crimes, umm, who I was, how I really felt about things, with out any defense or protective, the accoutrements were all gone, and it was fascinating to me, I was semi-conscious, actually I was conscious, I just couldn't get up and move around a lot, and umm, at the end of the two hours I didn't want to stop, I wanted to keep on with it, so I hadn't gotten to the crimes themselves, the currant set of crimes, but I was kind of oriented around other things in my life and I asked to continue on, the doctor didn't want to, so I insisted, so he sh...they were using an I.V. and they shot me up with another two hour batch of this stuff, and uh, as soon as he was done with what he wanted to do, uh, he got up and left, he had an appointment that had gone longer than he planned on, he had to leave, my lawyer had to go, so im stuck with these two deputies and a registered nurse, watching me until I come down off of this stuff, well, when the doctor left he decided to give me a shot of medicine to "snap me out" of this, is the way he put it, and I asked him what it was, and he said it was methadrine, hospital grade methadrine, ...speed. and I've asked doctors since then, both medical doctors and psychiatrists if that was an appropriate action and they said "absolutely not,they should have you know let me sleep it off, just let it coarse through my body and let it go away. By amplifying with the methadrine, it is suggested that the doctor knew full well that it would put me through hell. It amplified everything I was feeling, it got me really drove for two days after that, they were trying to scrape me off the ceiling. They couldn't even talk to me, I was raving, I was ranting, they had to put me in a strip cell, I wouldn't go back to my regular cell, I refused, because there was television available there, I had canteen, I had some food items in my "house", I would accept it, and I went to a stripped cell, two cells down, where all I had was a mattress over a hole in the floor, and uh...I was just on and on, 24 hours a day, the uh, convicts and criminals in the back that were locked up with me, they were in the tank, I mean we were talking very causally about different things, and had fairly good relationships, and I put them all on what we call "front street", I exposed all of them to all of negative sides of our relationships, and called them all kinds of cowards and punks and this and that and the other because they weren't even talking to me, and that was when I made the statement that "I should be hung upside down on the bars and beaten daily" alright, for what's did, because under the influence of those drugs I was seeing what I did through other people's eyes, not through my own, not through another specific persons eyes, but as someone else would view it, pure horror, someone who had nothing to do with violence in their life, um, would see it. I was completely unprotected and it was an awful experience and with in hours of coming down off that stuff, two days later, um, you know, I wasn't making comments like that the defenses were back in place, they were a bit ruffled, uh, it had been an eye opening experience because it have me something I will never forget, some perspectives on my case that ill never forget, some anxieties on my case that ill never forget -Edmund Kemper;1991 [quote/]

...now, kemper describes this event as being an "awful" experience, but also admits that  it was "eye opening" and that it "gave him perspectives he will never forget"

What if it were possible to induce such episodes intentionally? Even inducing such episodes intentionally and then guiding the patient through them with a psychotherapist?

When I was a teenager I had obtained a large quantity of fairly pure MDMA, which I shared with my friends. One of my friends was a known "bad seed", he was very violent, always in trouble with the law, and seemed to have little compassion and no remorse when it came to his blatant victimization of others, any way, on this occasion he had consumed a large amount if MDMA, and he had nearly the same reaction as kemper. I could see tears in his eyes, and I remember him looking up at me and asking "what's wrong with me? Why do I do these things?", it was as if he was feeling empathy for those he had victimized for the first time. I had never seen tears in his eyes before and was just as shocked to hear him reveal that he was actually feeling bad about what he had done to others...

I have always thought that MDMA psychotherapy could a viable and effective route for the treatment of those with sociopathic and anti-social personality disorders...

...I have even seen sociopathic individuals have incredible eye opening experiences in regards to their behavior when consuming these compounds under the guise of recreation, imagine what these things could do in a professional environment.

...its just interesting, in so many cases when you are dealing with an individual that is resistant to all forms of psychotherapy you will hear a story about a chemical, of all things, opening their eyes, ...if only for a day or two.

I am aware that in the currant state of medicine and psychotherapy that my notions on this matter would be dismissed and disregarded, which is to be expected, and I am not trying to convince anybody of anything, or trying to actually see this happen, I just think these are very interesting notions to contemplate and ponder.

...then seeing that someone as sick and depraved as Edmund Kemper was able to see how horrible his actions were through an amphetamine experience only furthered my feeling regarding the potential uses of such compounds.


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