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Author Topic: Large Benzodiazapine withdrawal.. ideas?  (Read 645 times)

Ben Haller

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Large Benzodiazapine withdrawal.. ideas?
« on: September 08, 2017, 05:41:11 pm »

I have been on a large dose of benzo and anti-schitzoprenic prescription drugs for 10+ years from a quack clinical behavioural medical group that just might have screwed me worse than DOCA. But I have since changed Drs and this new guy is genuinely concerned about my condition he just doesn't believe that a human being can tolerate the size of dose I have been on and abruptly halted 2 months ago. So he ended up just giving me a 1/40th dosage comparatively, since it's a "safer" drug. Same classification. = Still having severe panic but it's supposed to stop the seizures and all the other terribly sad symptoms.
  I am desperate and that used to be dangerous for me but I have been following the instructions given by the new Dr. I must or I WILL ACTUALLY DIE, my concern is the serious nature of the medical unknowns. No Insurance. No disability. I am professionally trained in the Billiard industry. Nonetheless I have been directed to this website to find out as much as possible about alternatives to get me from the large dose to the small and as far as I can tell, once I do THAT. Then I will decrease the small dose for 10 months!.
  I'm just asking for information and appreciate any/ALL help in getting back a functional emotional less intensive shock!
  I have the big pharma picture understood believe me, what I don't have is an understanding of herbology and the best way of detoxification for my particular case. I do have a beginner knowledge of things like kava kava and valerian root etc. This is a level that has rarely been heard of much less some kind of clinical trial. Smh.
     Can't wait to get my life back, it's all or nothing and never looking back. Btw medical detox does not work, not 3 months long. Please help. Willingness is a significant impact on your peers. Which would be nice as well. Thank you for your time.


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Re: Large Benzodiazapine withdrawal.. ideas?
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2017, 04:04:59 pm »

Hi Ben,

What medicines were you on previously?  Which medicines have you been cut off from, and what medicines do you currently take?  I cannot unfortunately offer medical advice, but I do have a fairly large understanding of pharmacology and herbalism, and can probably offer you some suggestions. Best regards, and hope to hear back soon.

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