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Author Topic: Aphrodisiacs, the holy trinity of libido (Desire, Ability, & Nourishment)  (Read 3500 times)


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There are various factors when it comes to libido, all of which need to be met when one is seeking to enhance their sex drive and optimize their love life.  Additionally, there are a number of catalysts which can do the opposite, many of which are relatively unknown by the public, but have a large influence none the less.  In this topic, I want to cover and go over what can both elevate, and reduce sex drive.  I only have a piece of the puzzle however, so please, share what you have learned as well, so we can all grow from the information and experiences we hold within.

First off, I want to mention the major players when it comes to sex drive.  These are, dopamine, testosterone, estrogen, nitric oxide, adrenaline, oxytocin, and the bad guy, prolactin.

Dopamine encourages desire, it is an essential ingredient for the initial spark, as well as the pleasure one experiences during sex.

Testosterone also encourages desire, in a dominant sort of way.  Testosterone is the major male hormone responsible for male sexuality.

Estrogen encourages desire too, but is more passive.  Estrogen is the major female hormone responsible for female sexuality.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it dilates blood vessels and is integral for erections, both of the penis and clitoris.

Adrenaline will either improve or constrict blood flow, depending on how the body utilizes it.  The adrenal receptors are more important here than adrenaline itself.

Oxytocin is the hormone of bonding, and is released during hugging, touching, and sexuality activity.  It is more cuddle based than the euphoric dopamine.

Prolactin is an anaphrodisiac, it shuts down sex drive, quite prominently in man.  This molecule is released after male ejaculation, and can inhibit erections by way of reducing dopamine levels.  More dopamine = less prolactin.  More prolactin = less dopamine.  Opioids also greatly increase the levels of prolactin, shutting down sex drive with prolonged use.


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Great idea Akosi, here is a summary of what I know the subject:

Desire, which is linked to dopamine and testosterone, blood flow, which is linked to nitric oxide and adrenal function, and of course nourishment, which is linked to diet, and can be enhanced by certain tonic herbs.

Catuaba and Muira puama are my go to for desire, as they work quite effectively through enhancing dopamine activity, however this is not enough for all, meaning that hormones should also be supported, herbs such as Tribulus, Ginseng, Rehmannia, and Luzea all fit the bill here.

Next we come to blood flow, the idea here is to encourage the dilation of blood vessels, this helps with erections and in general physical arousal. Yohimbe, low dose is excellent for men here, but too much can be anxiety causing. Ginseng and Horny goat weed work here fairly well too, and do not cause the same anxiety side effects as Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a take it before you go type of herb, while Ginseng and Horny goat weed are the take daily sort of herbs.

Finally, we hit nourishment, the top choices here are Maca, Rehmannia, Fo-ti, Bee pollen, and Nettle root. For women, Shatavari is also recommended, and supports moistening of various tissues. These herbs, as nourishing tonics, are all recommended for daily use.

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I tend to agree with terence mckenna on the topic of aphrodisiacs:

Iboga is used by the Fang people, most notably in Gabon and around the capital city in Ghana, in Nigeria and in Zaire. It has an interesting and suggestive usage.

First, letís deal with this question of its aphrodisiac usage. As you know, an aphrodisiac is a chemical substance thought to make one either capable of or susceptible to sexual activity. Over thousands of years this has been a recurring theme of fascination for human beings, for obvious reasons. The definition takes on different nuances in the hands of different people. Probably the best known so-called aphrodisiac among ordinary folks is the so-called Spanish fly, which is cantharidin. The carapaces of a small desert beetle can be ground down to yield cantharidin. If you give someone cantharidin in a carefully calculated dose, they have a generalized reaction to it where they can gain relief from this reaction by having sex, but it is not a true aphrodisiac, itís more like a genital itching or something. Itís a strongly localized to the erogenous zone kind of itching, and so this is like a pseudo-aphrodisiac. All CNS stimulants in low doses present themselves as whatís called arousal: attention to incoming detail, slightly elevated blood pressure, so forth and so on. This is a precondition for sexual activity but it is not a true aphrodisiac. In fact, when you sort through the many candidates for aphrodisiacs ó as you know, they range from powdered rhinoceros horn to mangoes to oysters ó interestingly enough, ibogaine is the only thing which actually seems to pass the test. Ibogaine is an aphrodisiac in the truest sense of the word, and I take that to mean this: if you are interested in sexual activity, it promotes, facilitates and enhances it. If you are not, it doesnít. It doesnít overwhelm the intentions of the user. This seems to be one pathway that the psychic energy that it releases can be shunted down, but there are others. Paradoxically, the way itís used in the Fang society is that itís a major force holding couples together.

-terence mckenna

Most of these substances are not what one would consider "true" aphrodisiac substances.

however, I have been working with combinations of novel substances to enhance partnership experiences such as making love. Most of these combinations involve substances like:

2-methyl-dimethyltryptamine is particularly interesting, as it enhances tactile perception with out doing much else. Below is an excerpt from TIHKAL:
(with 90 mg, orally) "The entire body was becoming activated (in a good way) but not much going on in the head. I am mentally clear but with the entire touch system a bit more activated than I would choose. This peaked at 3 hours, and was gone in another 3 hours. Everything is tactile."

(with 75 mg, orally) "Very mild stomach rumbling during the first hour, with no other effects until the 65 minute point. Then there was the onset of as very mild relaxed feeling followed by intermittent skin alerting, especially on the head and neck. No visuals. Sexual activity at 90 minutes showed marked enhancement of both the pre-climactic and orgasmic phase, which was confirmed by repeat activity at 120 and 180 minutes.

-shulgin; TIHKAL; 2-me-DMT

I think 2-me-DMT in combination with other entactogenic substances could be a crucial piece of finding a true chemical aphrodisiac.

Any way, this is an old thread, and from the looks of it this place is a ghost town, so I won't expend much more energy in typing out a detailed post.


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