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Author Topic: Kratom - My strains defined (new user guide)  (Read 935 times)


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Kratom - My strains defined (new user guide)
« on: July 04, 2017, 12:59:03 pm »

Written by Cynthia Hemphill Moffett
Revised 4/27/17

It seems impossible to find info on all the strains in one place so as I researched and experimented I put this together. It's not every strain but some common ones and I continue to revise it as I learn more.         
Here are the effects to expect with each strain: These are typically true but may vary by person.

Each strain is typically labeled with two different parts: the vein color and the area of origin, or where it was grown/harvested. Vein colors come from the color of the "vein" that is running down the center of a leaf, which is pretty much an extension of the stem of the kratom plant. (influenced by age of the tree/leaf as well as the nutrients the plant absorbs). The place of origin will be the name of a country or area of the island.

There are three vein colors: red, white and green. While each strain of kratom will effect you in basically the same way, each vein color does something a little different.

The red strains contain the most 7-mytragynine while the the whites contain the least and more mytragynine and the greens are in the middle. Generally the younger leaves are the most stimulating because of the abundance of mytragynine.


Golds are reds that are basically oxidized, they are dried indoors under lamps. They can be either relaxing or stimulating depending on which Red strain it's derived from.

Green veined kratom is almost always in the middle of both red and white with equal parts pain relief, relaxation, energy, and a good mood boost.

Red veined kratom mostly tends to be relaxing and sedating, with great pain relief and decent mood enhancement. However, there are some stimulating reds. White veined kratom is typically on the other end of the spectrum, having excellent mood-enhancing and energizing qualities, with mild to moderate pain relief. 

Yellow vein is from young leaves of white vein. It's effects are similar to white with energizing effects. Yellows are whites that have been sun bleached on the trees. The entire leaf is yellow but it can be any color vein. They are usually stimulating but not nearly as much as whites and some are even considered mellow due to less mitragynine in it than other whites due to the sunbleaching.

Pink is a rare Kratom plant that many search for. This particular Kratom plant produces leaves with very bright pink veins that will reach to the end of the leaf. It energizes the body and relaxes the mind. Depending on the dose it can be stimulating or sedating.

For the most part, you will see kratom being labeled with areas originating in Southeast Asia. You may see strains labeled as Borneo, Bali, Indo, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Sundanese, Sumatran, and Kali or strains like Betnuangie and Hulu Kapuas, which are just "deep jungle" kratom specialty or rare kratom strains and blends. You will also find vendors label at least one strain as "Maeng Da". The term is now used to label a strong or premium strain of kratom, usually Thai unless otherwise stated, but sometimes refers to strong or premium blends.


Bali: Bali kratom is usually a red vein unless labeled otherwise. Red has relaxation properties and great pain relief.               

Green Bali: Good for a mood lift and relaxation.

White Bali: Great for energy and focus.

Bentuangie is typically pain relieving and sedating and comes from a fermentation process of red leaves that increases the alkaloid profile and strength.   

White Bentuangie is stimulating and good for a mood lift but provides little pain relief.

Borneo: Borneo kratom tends to be very pain relieving and is pretty versatile depending on the vein color. Both white and red veined kratom in this category give the expected effects of the vein colors listed.

Green Borneo is good for mood, anxiety and focus.

White Borneo: Good for energy and productivity.

Yellow Borneo can be expected to be relaxing.

Elephant is from mature leaves shaped like elephant ears and is found at the top of the tree. It's similar but somewhat stronger than Bali or Maeng Da and good for pain relief and a mood lift. It tends to be more sandy than powdery in consistency. Usually sourced from Southern Malaysia. This is usually a green strain unless otherwise specified..     

Red Elephant: Good for anxiety and relaxation.

Green Jawi: Good for pain, mood and energy.

Horned leaf means it's been on the plant longer, fully developed. They tend to have higher alkaloid content.   Red Horn tends to be pain relieving and relaxing.
Hulu Kapuas is typically a great energy and mood boost.

Indo: Almost always sedating no matter the vein color. This one is a go-to for pain relief. White and green vein Indo strains are slightly energetic.   

Green Indo: Good for focus and a mood lift.

Kali: Kali is a fantastic pain reliever and on the energetic side with a nice mood boost.   

Maeng Da: All colors of this strain can be expected to be stimulating with red being pain relieving as well.
Malay/Malaysian: Malay seems to be a great "middle of the road" kratom variety. You'll mostly see it as a green vein, with great pain relief, mental focus, energy, and relaxation all that the same time. A red vein is very relaxing, perfect for nighttime. 

Red Papua from Papua Neugini is a basic strain average in potency and mediocre for pain relief. It has a rich dark color and is usually a fine to medium grind.

Sumatra: This kratom is on the relaxing side, even the white vein of this variety. This one is good for pain relief and relaxation.

Green Sumatra: Good for relaxation and a mood lift.

Sundanese is typically very pain relieving and sedating.

Green Sulawesi: Focus and energy.

Red Sulawesi: A product of Borneo. Pain relieving and relaxing.         

Thai: Just about every vein color in this catagory tends to be towards the energetic side, even the red vein.

White Thai: stimulating and good for focus.

Vietnam: White vein is very balanced strain with fantastic pain relief and mental focus. 
Vietnamese and Cambodian are always energizing no matter the color.     

For pain and/or withdraw, it's a good idea to have an energizing red like Thai, Vietnam, Kali, Cambodia, Maeng Da or Malay for day and a relaxing red like Borneo, Bali, Bentuangie, Sumatra, Indo, Horn, or indo for night.

You can always try blending strains and vein colors to find synergy and balance effects. For example, adding a red veined variety to a white may knock down the energy level a little if you find the white to be too energizing or balance out the relaxation if the red too sedating. Similarly, adding either to a green veined kratom may give it more of an energy boost or expand the pain relieving properties, respectively.

Vendor blends vary check for types used or contact the vendor for more information.

These are typical results but effects can vary by user. Some experience exact opposite effects   from other kratom users, so proceed with caution and keep an open mind when trying any of these for the first time.

Edited by DF LaPierre Bedeude
Revised 4/27/17~CHM

source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B3aIYWuvwCy2z41GWl8J-2YFMdL-lmpC0RAYUBx4n38/mobilebasic

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