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Author Topic: Kratom of the Gods tea blend  (Read 2777 times)


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Kratom of the Gods tea blend
« on: June 28, 2017, 08:41:23 pm »

Here is another tea recipe I am fairly proud of, I call this the Kratom of the Gods

The tea is a non alcoholic, kratom based, herbal tea to be taken on the go and shared with friends.  Effects = Mood lift, sociability, energy, euphoria, pain relief, and a damn good time!  This one can also be made in an hour or so too, so it is perfect for those get togethers that come out of nowhere!

Use close to a double dose of your favorite herb per person, and sip slowly to enjoy the effects.  You can always drink more, but not less!  I use 3.5-4 grams of kratom for my sessions, so I will base my recipe off of this amount, for enough herbs for one.  I tend to drink half the bottle within the first hour, and sip the rest throughout the rest of the night.

Multiply the amount by the number of people who you will be sharing with.

-7 grams kratom (I like white thai maeng da and green hulu)
-4 grams kola nut, guarana, guayusa, yerba mate, or green/black tea (caffeine + antioxidants)
-4 gams chinese rhodiola rosea (enhances the stimulant effects of caffeine containing herbs)
-14 grams catuaba bark (increases dopamine levels and euphoria/mood, also potent aphrodisiac)
-14 grams muira puama bark (improves cognition, dopamine levels, energy, and increases sensitivity to euphoria)
-250 mg kanna (do not share kanna with those who take anti-depressants or SSRIs.  May want to leave this one out, especially if you do not have a mg scale, or are unsure of people's medical intake!)
-2.5 grams Ephedra (potent adrenal stimulant, optional)
-3 grams Blue lotus (super bitter though, also optional)

From here we add in our spices, you can go strong with a single spice, or replicate a recipe such as Chai, Root Beer, or Cola (Cinnamon/Nutmeg/Citrus).  I like Root Beer so I will go forward with this.

-3 grams Sassafras bark
-3 grams Sarsaparilla bark
-4 grams Cinnamon
-3 grams Lemongrass
-2 grams Lemon peel
-3 grams Ginger root
-2 grams Spearmint/Peppermint
-1 gram Licorice/Anise
-0.5 gram Nutmeg
-0.5 gram Stevia (or sugar, honey, or even drink unsweetened if you dare)

The trick is to boil this tea at a simmer for a good 10-15 minutes, if not upwards of 20-25.  Kratom is not very water soluble, however it seems that heat seems to change the profile a bit, providing a different sort of effect and improved water solubility.  I found 20~ minutes at a light bubble to be ideal, allowing the tea to retain all the actives.  If you want to be super careful and extract everything, and this counts double when brewing for more than one, you should make your tea, pour off and strain, and then add in more water and brew again, at least one more time, but maybe even a second, totalling upwards of 3 separate boils and filters.  If you then boil down the final combined liquids together (this can be done while batch 2 is brewing as well), you will have an extremely thick, blackish liquid on your hands that contains more herbs than would even be possible to toss and wash.  And if you used your spices right, it may even taste alright too.

This recipe can be modified any way you like, subtracting energizing herbs and adding in more calming or pain relieving ones, or spices mixed up and changed around to produce an entirely different potion.  When I am done brewing this, I like to pour the final brew into antique french glass bottles, the kind you see at Bed Bath & Beyond and thrift stores.  These look MARVELOUS when filled with tea, and are a real attention grabber and show stopper.  Everyone will want a sip!

These herbs and more are all available at various herb shops, I of course recommend Meridian Botanicals (http://meridianbotanicals.com), and if you haven't checked them out yet, give them a look!  It could change your life for the better, and that is no understatement! 


Heidi Gorman-Hetzel

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Re: Kratom of the Gods tea blend
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2017, 12:42:05 pm »

Sounds delish...I love sassafras tea and would really help the bitterness of kratom. I now have to order a few herbs I don't have.  Thanks !! I'll give it a try.

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