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Author Topic: Food of the Immortals (Meridianbotanicals)  (Read 578 times)

Brann Adams

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Food of the Immortals (Meridianbotanicals)
« on: September 06, 2016, 03:43:06 pm »

From : Meridianbotanicals.com discount code: Yang7 for 7% off
I took 3 teaspoons on an empty stomach. WOW! This stuff had some energy to it! It tasted kinda like chocolate and the feeling came on like the good feelings you have when you eat a lot of chocolate. I could feel my adrenals starting to rev up! I actually started to shake when I realized 3 teaspoons was likely too much for me. The energy has a very pronounced warm glow of energy kind of like your first cup of coffee in the morning but more of a solid and steady feeling that has not as much of a jitter to it as caffeine would have. Needless to say, this would be an awesome part of any morning. Let me rate this and give you more details.
[DEPRESSION]-{9}- The warm inner glow of this mixture makes me feel a wonderful mood lift. As I mentioned that strong chocolaty , kinda coffee like mood lift is very steady and is very cheerful. This would most definitely defeat the lethargy of depression and is sending my fingers flying across the keyboard.
[ANXIETY]-{3}- Though you will feel very confident and cocky from the Food of the Immortals, you gotta watch how much you take . I learned that hard way. Take this in moderation if you easily get the jitters and I wouldn't drink too much coffee at the same time you took this. The confidence this exudes will put aside your worries just be careful not to become overstimulated.
[ENERGY]-{10}- You gotta be kidding me! This formulation is almost pure energy. That is what this formulation is about. I can see this completely replacing coffee in the morning! The cool thing about this is that the energy is steady and sticks with you.
[PAIN]-{3.5}- I was surprised that I felt a little edge off of my pain. I don't know what but that warm glow settled into my muscles a bit and took away a bit of the pain off my back. I wouldn't say the main purpose of this formulation is pain killing but there is a little bit of pain killing to it.
This would be perfect to take with a sedative Red Kratom to offset any of the sleepiness that might creep up on ya. Also the warm feelings I am feeling would be an excellent compliment with the euphoric effects of Red Kratom. This formulation would RULE your morning and turbo charge you into the start of your day.
In short: ENERGY!!! / Moodlift
(Remember , I am not a Doctor nor certified in any capacity. I am merely a botanical nerd who is continually amazed at what herbs can do to aid and enrich our lives! )

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