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Author Topic: Kratom alternatives #2 (Rhodiola rosea)  (Read 1084 times)


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Kratom alternatives #2 (Rhodiola rosea)
« on: September 05, 2016, 12:39:51 pm »

Rhodiola rosea

Today's post will focus on an herb known as Rhodiola rosea, an adaptogen from the arctic regions of Siberia, known now the world over for its tonic yet stimulant effects, buffering stress and providing energy, Rhodiola contains a plethora of antioxidants and phytochemicals that do wonders for the body, including protecting it from the damages of opioid withdrawal, speeding up the recovery, and providing unmatched energy and mood support all the while. Rhodiola is one of my favorite herbs, and be I in good spirits or bad, it never fails to get me off of my butt and into gear.

Rhodiola rosea can be considered a mini-kratom thanks to its pharmacology, which is that of a dual serotonin and dopaminergic modulator, increasing levels of both of these vital neurochemicals in multiple regions of the brain. As many know, serotonin is tied to mood (SSRIs) and dopamine is tied into euphoria, energy, and attention (amphetamines work on dopamine). Since kratom works on both opioid (which is influenced by serotonin), and dopamine (which is influenced by the opioid activity), it is not a far stretch to say that Rhodiola will cover many of the withdrawal symptoms produced by cessation of kratom use, especially when it comes to mood, focus, productivity, and sense of self esteem.

While rhodiola has been shown in published studies to trigger the release of beta-endorphin, it is not considered a pain reliever and will not cover for the analgesic properties of kratom. For this however, we have other herbs, which will be covered later this week and through this month in this series of posts.

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