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Author Topic: MindWill  (Read 420 times)

Brann Adams

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« on: September 03, 2016, 07:17:26 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com discount code: Yang7 for 7% off
Ok, this is completely new to me. I took 2 teaspoons on an empty stomach and I have not had any kratom in 3 hours. Wow! it tastes sweeter than kratom. This is a mixture of herbs that Justin Marcus Volland in his truly expert experience has put together. It an Adaptogen, Mind Enhancer , Energy Support , Aphrodisiac ( oooh yummy! ) , Mood Lifter, Dopamine Support , Serotonin Support.
At about the 10 minute point I am starting to feel it. This is strange because i mainly review Kratom. I feel this urge to smile......bigtime! I am familiar with serotonin and it is really spiking up and doing its job of making me feel like I just saw something really cute. Kind of like my eyes want to water up from thinking "Awwww ain't that cute" . I feel my body loosen up and definitely feel sensual. I immediately put on some music and felt the urge to do the groove dance in my chair while typing. My "Happy Receptors" dopamine and serotonin are SINGING! I have been told to try this and OMG , this is awesome. I can really feel my mind and body coming alive. My fatigue is sliding away. This is a bit more subtle than kratom but I cannot mistake it's effects. It just makes me feel more ALIVE , like if someone turned up the juice in my brain and I feel brighter!
[DEPRESSION]-{8}- This had definitely brightened me up . I felt a big chunk of my depression taken away that had started to come back because my kratom was wearing off.
[ANXIETY]-{7.5}- There is a sensual type smoothness that makes my nerves feel a little more alive. That is why I want to sway in my seat. Part of that is a feeling makes me want to run my hands across my arms. I am thinking that is the Aphrodisiac that is relaxing me and making my tactile (touch) senses want to be stimulated. This had the overall effect of immersing me more in my other senses and not dwelling on anything negative. That is why it helps anxiety.
[ENERGY}-{7}- I don't feel jacked up but I feel a greater flow of energy as it brings my senses to a greater awareness. I could see this helping have the proper energy from everything from dancing to meditation to sex ....all at once. You simply have to experience this for yourself.
This was an experience I am going to want to do again. I ate it straight up this time but I am going to try this with a strong tea and see what it does then. This reminds me of Rainforest Clarity without the coffee like effects.

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