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Author Topic: Rainforest Clarity (Meridianbotanicals.com)  (Read 580 times)

Brann Adams

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Rainforest Clarity (Meridianbotanicals.com)
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:27:40 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com discount code : Yang7 for 7% off storewide.
I put about 4 heaping tablespoon in a cloth tea bag (you can get them really cheap on the Meridianbotanicals.com site) and then I took a 12 cup coffee pot full of water and put it in a pot that I brought to a light boil then let the teabag steep for about 10 minutes or until the water gets nice and dark. (Justin probably would have done it differently) I sweetened it to taste just like regular tea .Then I drank down a coffee mug pretty quickly and started sipping on the 2nd one.
I was itching to review this tea the moment I opened my mail. This is some bomb track herbal tea. As it's effects come over me there is a vibrant warmth that spreads through my body and I get an ecstatic and fun loving feeling. There is caffeine in this but there is more too it. There is a whole range of emotions that caffeine doesn't touch. It is like your inner child gets to come out and play. I literally put on some music and dance around the room when I drink this tea. It is really fun to do "the wave" with your arms. My muscles relaxed a bit and my hips loosen up. It is simply awesome for mood. (Now remember I downed two coffee mugs of strong tea).
I have also found other uses for this tea besides actin a fool. It is also great for being creative. I can really get in "The Zone" and my imagination just comes alive. There is so much more to tell but I will explain it in the ratings.
[DEPRESSION]-{10}- This is perfect for depression. I am too busy having fun to be depressed. There is such a positive emotional impact that makes you want to get up and boogie. This is made for that part of combating depression where you don't want to get up or do anything. I almost cannot stay in my chair and it isn't because I am jacked with energy. It is that empathogen feeling of just wanting to play like a child.
[ANXIETY]-{7}- This does have an element of caffeine so that leaves the the jitters as a possibility but if you are wanting to have fun and play , how can you be anxious. I gotta say though, this is not nearly as jittery as coffee.
[ENERGY]-{10}- This is not just a caffeine energy, this is a clarity. Derr thusly the name. But it is 7pm I was feeling the "Brain Fog" , this tea just blows that "Brain Fog" out to sea. It is like the sun rises on your mind and the fog is gone... AT 7PM and I have been up since 8am. If you need to suddenly freshin up your brain. This is what you need.
I have gone through a pound of this tea before , so I am very familiar with it but I made sure to drink it just like I told you before i started writing about it. You won't believe it til you try making a nice stiff cup or two of this tea and see for yourself. Anyone who has tried this tea before can tell you and I knew one person who stopped drinking coffee entirely because they liked this better.
A bit of advice. You can brew this mix twice. You can turn around and boil another pot of tea off the same batch.
In Short: Energy/ Mental Clarity/ Creative Stimulation
(Remember that I am not a Doctor nor am I certified in any way. I am just a Botanical Nerd who is amazed at the variety of benefits that herbs and their formulations can make your life a better place!)

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