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Author Topic: Adaptogen Chai (Meridianbotnaicals)  (Read 775 times)

Brann Adams

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Adaptogen Chai (Meridianbotnaicals)
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:26:07 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com discount code: Yang7 for 7% off storewide.
I made another really strong batch. I took one of the large teabags that Meridianbotanicals sells and filled it with 5 tablespoons in 12 cup coffee pot worth of water. I boiled it for about 20 minutes in a pot and when I poured it back in the coffee pot. I couldn't see through it. So , it was STRONG. Then I gleefully quaffed down a full coffee mug of it and now I am half way through my 2nd.
As the effects come over me, I can tell this is a real "loosy goosey" feeling tea. My body is getting all loose , relaxed and my shoulders and back are unclenching. My mind is becoming very lucid and my fingers want to fly over the keyboard. I was tired from going all day and I feel a temporary reprieve from the mind fog that is wanting to descend upon me as a mild euphoria begins to lift me from the fatigue of the day and allows me to function again. There is a definite mood lift this is starting to kick in. I am feeling a nice and easy energy that isn't too strong nor the slightest bit jittery. This seems to be great for getting mellow without getting too mellow and becoming sluggish. Let's try to make sense of this with some ratings.
[DEPRESSION]-{7.5}- There is a nice mild euphoria that gives a sense of well being that is comforting and a general feeling of being positive. The very easy energy give a light pick me up that is pretty good for perking up and breaking out of the blues.
[ANXIETY]-{8.5}- More than anything , this tea is comforting. The lovely feeling of mellow energy and muscle relaxation is great for stopping the "freak out" response. I was actually bunching up, cranky and anxious before I drank this tea and now I have a mellow yet attentive state of mind that is smooth.
[ENERGY]-{6.5}- The mild euphoria and mood lift of this tea provides a nice and easy energy that isn't at all jacked up like coffee or a strong white kratom. I can see this as an early afternoon tea for when you need to get with it but don't want to go on the caffeine rocket ride again.
This tea seems to specialize in comfortable relaxation that is not sleepy and is conducive to a loose feeling mellow mood. This tea doesn't have more of the startling effects like Rainforest Clarity or Rainforest Rootbeer with their more up and going feelings. This is more of a mood setter than anything else. I guess that is why the package says it is an aphrodisiac. This tea, a few candles ....I can see this tea doing the trick.
In Short: Mood Enhancer / Muscle Relaxation

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