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Author Topic: Kanna (Meridianbotanicals)  (Read 1097 times)

Brann Adams

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Kanna (Meridianbotanicals)
« on: September 05, 2016, 01:11:11 pm »

BRANN ADAMS BOTANICAL REVIEW : KANNA (fermented and cultivated)
From Meridianbotanicals.com Discount Code: Yang7 for 7% off
I took a biggish pinch (1.2g) but recommend people take smaller pinches of .5-1.0g. I held it under my tongue and let the gland there produce saliva . There I could taste the Kanna slowly and potently gather (not a bad taste). I tried to not swallow for 10 minutes and let the strongest of the taste work its way into my blood through the capillaries under my tongue and through my gums. The Kanna has quickly became a mush that I chewed on for 3-5 minutes to get the last of the alkaloids out of the kanna. When the taste was finally gone, I easily swallowed the mush. I have carefully considered the best way to take Kanna and this is what I have come up with. The original way it was taken by the African natives.
As the alkaloids worked their way into the capillaries and into my bloodstream, I felt a curious sensation of well being that reminded me of when you get a really nice taste of strong vanilla ice cream and your body shivers with pleasure from it. I find this best describes somewhat how it feels when Kanna hits. I then felt a more subtle feeling than kratom. A feeling of warmth that slowly relaxed my body with a bone deep feeling of "well being" from my body ceasing to eliminate serotonin and that feeling of well being swelling within me. That is all that I feel but it is an vital feeling when my depression and anxiety threaten my state of mind for lack of serotonin. Lets see how I break this down. I am feeling it right now as I write these ratings.
[DEPRESSION]-{8.5}- There is a bit of a sweet feeling that goes along with the effects of Kanna. What is more important is the pure sense of peace that pervades the mind and body. It reminds me of when you get in a really deep state of meditation. That pure well being.
[ANXIETY]-{10}- I feel a bit of the sleepies which I believe would be easily dismissed by a bit of coffee or some energetic kratom. This does serve to calm the nerves. Once again the central effect of well being clears my mind in it's meditative way. This banishes anxiety at it's very root and is why I find it almost as important as kratom in treating my anxiety & depression. There is a solemnity to this feeling , kinda like when you are in prayer.
[ENERGY]-{4}- Though I am told that smaller doses do provide energy of sorts. This peace lends itself to being calm and tranquil , thusly not making me want to spring into vigorous action. It is not exactly sleepy but would be very conducive to the state of mind that would allow one to sleep.
[PAIN]-{??}- I have heard claims of some pain relief . I believe that any pain relief i am feeling is of the muscle relaxing nature. The warm peaceful feeling seems to seep into your muscles , making the knots let go, thusly relieving muscle aches and minor pains.
Wow, do I feel a solemnity and peace pervading my being. This is really nice. This really gets at the root of suffering that we seek solace from in meditation and prayer , that is the same feeling I am filled with now. A very quiet peace that is probably making me poetic in my writing this LOL.
Short: Anti-Depression / Anti-Anxiety
(Remember, I am not a Doctor , not am I certified in any way. I am merely a botanical Nerd who is fascinated with the seemingly limitless benefits available through natures own plants. )


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Re: Kanna (Meridianbotanicals)
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2016, 09:46:10 pm »

TY for the report :), I have just recently found meridian botanicals myself and have purchased several herbs from them and did not order the kanna, i had thought about it but didnt know much about it. But this report has helped me make up my mind that it is worth trying. I also am looking for anti anxiety/depression. But i also want some energy at the same time, so kratom will be hard to replace.  :'(
Be not afraid of growing, Be only afraid of standing still.....

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