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Author Topic: Lotus Extacy (Meridianbotanicals)  (Read 894 times)

Brann Adams

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Lotus Extacy (Meridianbotanicals)
« on: September 03, 2016, 03:23:40 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com , discount code: Yang7 for 7% off storewide.
I am drinking two coffee mugs on an empty stomach of a strongly brewed tea. I filled the large cloth teabag sold at Meridianbotanicals about 2/3rds full (4 heaping tablespoons) and I filled a 12 cup coffee pot up with water and poured it in a cooking pot. Then I lightly boiled the water and let the teabag steep for 15 minutes.. ( I think I exaggerated what needed to be done) .
At the end of the first mug of tea I began to almost immediately feel the effects. I am familiar with the raising of serotonin (neurotransmitter that produces a happy well being) and my mood quickly begin to soar. I see why Justin Rasayana attached the word "Ecstasy" to the name. I didn't even get through halfway of the second mug before my mood became superb and my spirits lifted. This feeling is a lot like a feeling of spirituality that comes after a particularly successful meditation session. My emotions feel more alive and my mind is very clear and my creative thoughts are flowing smoothly. I believe this is the "empathogen" that Justin labeled on the package. I feel energy but it is unlike caffeine , it is more an effect of the really good mood encouraging me to be more active. I am also feeling a sense of my muscles being loose and relaxed but not in a sedative way..... more like the energy is flowing through them more smooth. I feel like I just did my Tai Chi workout and I haven't worked out yet. This is impressive that I feel this loose without even having to work out. Let's break this down into ratings to try and make more sense of this.
[DEPRESSION]-{10}- Yes this serotonin effect is exactly the neurotransmitter that one is lacking when I am depressed. This feeling of lightly energetic happiness is perfect for throwing off the dragging feeling of a dark depression.
[ANXIETY]-{9}- Once again the happy sense of well being is what the doctor ordered. There is a bit of energy to it , so I cannot call it sedative but the increased positive emotions and loose relaxed energy really keep worries and tensions away . I was amazed at how much muscle relaxation there was as I did Tai Chi after I drank this. So, don't discount how loose you will feel.
[ENERGY]-{8.5}- I keep mentioning this loose, energy where your muscles feel limber and relaxed but not sedated in the slightest. This would be great for doing Yoga or Tai Chi. Imagine being energized and smooth before the workout even starts.
[PAIN]-{?}- This does not strike me as being for pain at all but I can say that loose and relax muscles is always a plus with my back pain.
To wrap this up. I really feel like I just did a good long sweaty Tai Chi or Yoga class. That is the feeling of this mix. I feel a decent euphoria and a sense of well being that is very obvious. "Loosey Goosey" is the phrase that describes this.
In Short: Euphoria / Relaxation / Energy

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