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Author Topic: Rainforest Rootbeer (Meridianbotanicals.com)  (Read 1028 times)

Brann Adams

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Rainforest Rootbeer (Meridianbotanicals.com)
« on: September 03, 2016, 02:54:30 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com discount code: Yang7
I took I guess 5 heaping tablespoons and put it in one of Meridianbotanicals large cloth teabags . I then filled a 12 cup coffee pot full of water and poured it in a pot. I put the teabag in and soft boiled it for 14 minutes. I then poured the tea back from the pot into the coffee pot and was rewarded with not being able to see through it. So, it was strong. I then put 5 heaping tablespoons of sugar in the coffee pot and fixed it like the good old sweetened iced tea of the state of NC that I live in. I poured it in a big coffee mug filled with ice and gleefully quaffed it down. Now I am sipping on my 2nd mug and seeing what it does ?!?!
As the effects come over me, I feel the heightening of emotions. It is kinda like my humor wants to come out and play. The music I am listening too seems to touch me more and I am dancing in my chair There is a mood lift that I have come to recognize as being called an "empathogen" , it is very different than the kratom style of euphoria. It is like all my positive emotions have been turned up a couple of notches. That is why I feel like having fun and dancing around. I feel all "loosy goosey" and WOW!! now it is kicking in. My muscles in my neck and back are all letting go and there is nice swell of joyful feelings. Let's see if I can rate this in a way that makes sense.
[DEPRESSION]-{8.5}- This is strong but more subtle than kratom and it seems hitting me from a very different direction. It is like my emotions are being nourished instead of my opiate receptors being affected. The loose feeling seems to extend into my mind and emotions. It feels good. I can see this really getting someone outta their depressed shell.
[ANXIETY]-{8}- I have been going on about how loose my body is getting. I think it would be awesome for taking the edge off of anxiety while still maintaining a decent level of energy.
[ENERGY]-{7}- There is a little thrill of energy to it. In part due to a feeling of stimulation that is not too strong and a lot to do with the playful feeling of happy emotions that this "empathogen" effect is bringing out. My brain does feel like it is flowing and thinking better. I am typing so much faster and words are coming to my mind a lot easier. So this would be great for increasing performance, just not in the classic caffeine sorta way.
This reminds me of a bit less stimulating version of Rainforest Clarity ( See Rainforest Clarity review) . If you liked Rainforest but wanted a little less of an energy kick, this would be great. Don't get me wrong , this has energy but just not quite the amount Rainforest has. I am way past the point in my day where I would have taken another kratom dose for my anxiety and depression and I don't feel the urge overly to take it. Amazing.
In Short: Emotional Enhancement / Moodlift
Supplemental Notes: Last night I was sipping this tea till I went to bed. I did remember my dreams. I normally forget my dreams within 5 minutes of waking. The fact that I even remember parts of my dreams lends credence to the label of "Dream Enhancer".
I gulped down a good bit of tea before I did my Tai Chi. It really helped relax my body and center my Chi . My mind was falling into a clear meditation easier.

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