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Author Topic: MAYAN CHOCOLATE ( Meridianbotanicals.com )  (Read 878 times)

Brann Adams

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MAYAN CHOCOLATE ( Meridianbotanicals.com )
« on: September 03, 2016, 02:32:47 pm »

From Meridianbotanicals.com discount code: Yang7 for 7% off storewide.
I took 1.5 tablespoons (probably a little too much) on a mostly empty stomach. ( a can on Manduran Oranges about 1.5 hours earlier) ... it has cayenne in it so that is the potentiator.
Ok, as the effects come over me .....to put it way too simply. It feels like I ate a bunch of dark chocolate without the milk and sugar. It tastes awesome compared to all the yucky kratom I have eaten and it is a lot like chocolate in taste. There is a mild hotness to it from the cayenne in it but it wasn't burning hot or anything. It first had a wave of euphoria hit me that was REALLY sweet. Sweeter than a good mix of white and red kratom. When this stuff says euphoria , it ain't kidding! I then started to get some energy that very much reminded me of coffee but more effects than coffee alone. So this is like euphoric coffee! I had Bill Crouch sitting with me and I gave him the same dose I took and we just sat there and started grinning at each other. I feel excited and very very happy. Now I am noticing as I am writing this review that there is a very intent focus that comes with these effects. Lower doses of this would be great for reading a book or studying , especially if you are ADHD like me. I definitely feel that intense focus I got like when I was young and doctors gave me ritalin but this is hitting me from a whole other direction than ritalin but the premise that a good stimulant focuses a person with ADHD applies to Mayan Chocolate. I am just going and going. (remember I am hyper) ! This is a beautiful experience that tests my ability to capture in words. Let's see how it breaks down into ratings.
[DEPRESSION]-{10}- OMG this hits all the points of combating my type of depression (black depression). Just like kratom, the euphoria is the exact opposite feeling of depression. This euphoria is equal to the best of the best red and white kratom mixes I have made. This gives a whole new definition of my term "Sweet Spot". It encompasses the whole of what I mean by "Sweet Spot". To say this has a mood lift is an understatement that is laughable. This is a no brainer that you simply cannot lay down on the couch and bemoan your fate. You better have an activity planned when you take this because you are going to be moving whether you like it or not.
[ANXIETY]-{1.5}- Yeah, it is NOT to be taken if you are tweeked out or having an anxiety attack. I am going to try my most mellow kratom in my possession after I write this review. So , I repeat, don't take this if you have anxiety that can be brought on my stimulants.
[ENERGY]-{10}- This is equal or better than any white kratom that I have ever experienced. Energy is what this does! The euphoria and "more than caffeine" type energy is very surprising and they synergize to turn you into a working machine. I would suggest trying just a teaspoon when trying it out for the first time and not be stupid like me and take a tablespoon and a half. Super duper energy. If you have hard physical labor to do. This is perfect for it!
[PAIN]-{??}- I wouldn't be surprised if this has a pain killing effect of some sort but not really as its main thing. It is kinda like when you eat chocolate and get a minor pain killing effects.
I must repeat! Have an activity planned when you take this Mayan Chocolate. This is awesome for getting you on your feet and really moving! This is great for playing sports , going out dancing or hard physical labor. Be careful with this dosage. This is potent stuff beyond what kratom provides. It is awesome but just take one teaspoon at first and figgure out your dosage slowly. I overdid it and I am bouncing off the walls. This stuff is great and it is 4 REAL! Justin Marcus Volland this is a MASTERWORK formulation and you get mad respect from me for creating this.
In Short: Superior Energy / Superior Euphoria / Superior Moodlift
Note: This lasts about as long as coffee does. I felt it for around a solid hour but I am used to drinking lots of coffee so you might feel it longer. Also, I suggest a nice relaxing kratom (Green or Red) to take as the effects start to go away so that you don't end up having a caffeine style crash.
(Remember that I am not a doctor nor am I certified in any way. I am merely a Botanical Nerd who is amazed at the beneficial effect of plants for real healing! )

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