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Title: Bubble Enhanced Hop Hash - 5 Flavors to Choose From - Concentrated Solid Smoke
Post by: RainyForestFarms on May 18, 2018, 10:04:23 pm
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We start with hop hash, the sifted glands of hops, the primary ingredient in beer. Hops is a member of Cannabaceae, the cannabis family, and like hemp and the other members of the cannabis family, itís resinous glands are very high in the terpenes myrcene, humulene, caryophyllene, linalool, as well as humulone and lupulone. These are thought to be the reason for bops traditional use as a sedative and relaxant.

Then we add in Lobelia inflata glands, kavalactones, passionflower and kanna extracts, and top it off with our unique myrrh terpene isolates and our cacao anandamide extract. The result is a beautiful solid smoking blend that is perfect for bedtime, chilling on the couch with friends, or any other time you donít need to get up or move too muchÖ

Bubble is very concentrated, and we recommend people start with a small, 25mg amount at once. Whether in a pipe or a vape, Bubble Enhanced Hop Hash will impress!

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Bubble Enhanced Hop Hash is Available in 5 Amazing Flavors for You to Try:

Original - Berries - Tropic Breeze - Mint Cookies - Cheesequake

1g: $19.99 - 3.5g $49.99 - 7g $79.99

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Ingredients: Organic Traditional Smoking Herbs and Extracts (Hop Hash [lupulin], Lobelia inflata trichomes [resin glands], Fermented Sceletium tortuosum 10x extract, Passionflower 25x, Myrrh Terpene Isolates, Cacao extract [contains anandamide], and Kava Kava extract [kavalactones, including yangonin])

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