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Title: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: Brann Adams on July 05, 2017, 04:33:31 pm
Hi, Brann here.
             I am literally in passionate love with Taoism. I discovered Tai Chi 24 years ago and quickly studied the THE WAY. That book by Lao Tzu that is short and to the point about the nature of the Tao. I LOVE talk of meditation and the Chinese arts... all of them LOL.  I studied Tai-Chi, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Sing-I , Pagua pretty hardcore for 5 years. Please please please bring on anything about this subject and meditation. It is my sole purpose in having a financial career to have the money to go back to the Peaceful Dragon in Charlotte NC. Ask any questions you want and I happily chip in my two cents. First of all here is a good place to start. .
           Reading THE WAY by Lao Tzu is the best thing besides meditation to begin to see the Tao. The Tao can't be spoken of but it can be pointed at and it is up to you to see it for perceive it for yourself. Good luck and I cannot wait to hear from all of you about the subjects I have started :)
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: akosi on July 06, 2017, 12:14:12 pm
Hey Brann

I too am a student of internal alchemy, specifically, Kundalini and how it can be awakened through the art of yoga, diet, lifestyle, and herbs.  I somewhat accidentally stumbled upon this heightened state of awareness a few years ago, taking different combinations of herbs and botanicals, while giving up on all of my vices.  My life radically transformed from that day on forward, showing me a reality I could have only dreamed of before.  My journey is to unravel those secrets and once again return to this state, and learn how to share it with others too.

I am looking forward to sharing our experiences here and how we can use various techniques to enhance our spiritual growth and evolution.

Namaste :)
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: Brann Adams on July 06, 2017, 04:31:05 pm
I also had many "experiences" of deep meditation. I use internal alchemy (which to me is the ability to turn one "vibe" to another. For instance, if you are pissed off, then take that energy and through meditation break down that energy behind whatever emotional state and through the perception of the Tao basically use that energy to turn it into any vibe you want or simply into vital energies {Chi} to utalize it in Yoga or Tai Chi )
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: akosi on July 07, 2017, 12:37:08 pm
That sounds like the works of a master to be, being able to shift from one mindset to the other at will.  I do this using plants, but am yet to fully be able to shift it with just my attention.  Maybe this is something I will work on in the future, it sounds awfully beneficial.
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: Brann Adams on July 14, 2017, 03:52:49 pm
         Yeah, the herbs help too. Internal Alchemy is really simple once you understand the principals of how it works. Taoism, in particular the book THE WAY by Lao Tzu is like a road sign pointing out the Tao. I cannot tell you what the Tao is, that is the nature of the Tao. "The Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao". Basically , the Tao defies definition by it's very nature. Words can be like signs pointing towards the Tao but can only be experienced. Meditation is the best tool, along with Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu , Qui Gung, Yoga, Hsing-I , Pagua..... and meditation , meditation, meditation, meditation. The Chinese Arts come in handy in preparing the mind, body and Chi for perception of the Tao. Once you clearly see the Tao. Then you have the keys to the kingdom as far as internal alchemy. Just remember this , " The wise man sees the Tao and studies it diligently. The average man sees the Tao and studies it some. The fool sees the Tao and laughs calling it foolishness."
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: Brann Adams on July 14, 2017, 04:38:58 pm
Oh, the herbs.
              I heard someone say that herbs help partially reveal the Tao by putting your mind in more of a state to see it. Now remember I said "partially". Yes, herbs can help but the meditation is still the final key..... oh and exercise.  Mind, body, spirit. I know meditation is the mind. It is my opinion that the herbs and Tai-Chi are the body. The clarity brought about by perception of the Tao through meditation creates the space within for the spirit to express.
Title: Re: Meditation, Tai Chi & Kung-fu & Qui Gung
Post by: Brann Adams on July 15, 2017, 03:30:37 pm
     Someone mentioned Kundalini in their Internal Alchemy. I can really say that for men at least, there is no more feeling of being alive than when you haven't had an orgasm for a month.  You whole body is on fire with vital energies. It is perfect for training some of the crazy poses of Tai Chi and Kung-Fu .  I get literally to the point where the pain of say, holding a push up half way down for 60 seconds .... the pain is no longer felt as pain. It is pleasure and I can relax into the plank position or squat position. To do those exercises leads straight to internal alchemy. Youf mind screams to just relent and it is the mind that makes you continue . Not because you try but because you stop trying but because I use my imagination. I am not trying anymore. I am floating in that position. That is where I learned to move Chi. With no orgasms , you have all the vital energy and the mind is alive with imagination. Then you don't squat or float up and or sit upon a cloud. For instance, if you held your arm straight out in front of you. It would begin to hurt and you would want to set your arm down. But if instead of holding your arm up..... if you allowed the arm to float up. Then I can hold it for almost as long as I want. Kundalini energy blends perfectly with this kind of exercise and adds to my Chi.