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Title: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Brann Adams on September 03, 2016, 03:25:02 pm
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I took two teaspoons on an empty stomach right after I woke up and before I took any kratom so I would ONLY feel this formulation.
DAMN! This stuff works quick. I am only 5 minutes into taking it and I feel it Almost as soon as it hit my stomach my eyes popped wide open and my brain and body kicked into high gear. My mind went from "Duh!" to aware and creative super quick. There is an energy in this just as the name Kundalini Coffee suggests. My mind feels like quicksilver fast and that same feeling spreads through my whole body. I am feeling a wonderfully alive, aware and a beautiful mood lift that is amazing. There is also a euphoria that is very "in your face" that leads me to understand why this mix is labeled an Aphrodisiac as one of its many effects. This has a sensuality that coursing through me from head to toe like all my senses are dialed up a notch. I am absolutely amazed! This shows me again the superlative genius of Justin Rasayana in his college degrees of knowledge in herbs and botanicals. This man knows his stuff! Moodlift , euphoria , energy and I haven't even taken kratom in over 6 hours, so I know all these sensations are the Kundalini Coffee alone! I will try and break this down.
[DEPRESSION]-{10} No way that you can feel this alive and feel depressed. The mood lift is like I feel excited and I don't know what I am excited about ! This is the very stuff that will make you want to get out and be a part of things and truly feel ALIVE! This is perfect for depression!
[ANXIETY]-{6.5}- This energy is more than just the cocoa , there is a softer energy along with it that is part of the sensuality which takes away most of jitters of energy. The mood of this is cocky and confident. I litterally feel a "10'ft Tall and Bullet Proof" sensation. This level of sensation would nearly make social anxiety impossible and would be perfect for mixing with people, talking and even dancing.
[ENERGY]-{10}- My jaw is hanging open at the several different types of energy that seem to be weaving a dance through my body. This is more than your mind being aware. It is your whole body that is alive.
I was taken totally by surprise by this formulation. I am stunned! The word for this mix is "ALIVE" in all of your senses at once. I know yaw are not going to believe me til you try it for yourself. This mix gives Mind Will and Rainforest Clarity a run for it's money. Thank you Justin for showing us what herbs can really do! That is how cool this stuff is , I am thankful for it LOLOLOL!
In Short: Sensual Energy / Euphoria / Moodlift
(Remember that I am not a Doctor nor am I certified in any way. I am merely a Botanical Nerd who is fascinated by what the plants of this earth can do to enrich our lives)
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Dakronick on September 19, 2016, 09:53:04 pm
I like the layout of your reviews, very detailed. I happen to have alot of this Kundalini Coffee. I may be trying this in the morning as well. It sounds as if maybe i might want to try this before drinking my morning coffee. I am going to take this instead of kratom tomorrow in the morning and see how it goes, if this gives me energy and helps with anxiety it will be a huge help to me lol. I will let you know my results if i do this tomorrow, i will try it this week for sure, i havent decided if i am trying this or yohimbe in the morning yet. 
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Dakronick on September 20, 2016, 06:01:12 am
Well i decided to go with the Kundalini Coffee this morning.  I took it in place of my kratom this morning. Tried two teaspoons as well, i measured this and it was about 5 and a half grams. Its definitely not a kratom replacement for mornings, but i gotta say it woke me right up and i feel pretty focused and ready to start my day already.  :) i am going to work shortly and will see how long this energy lasts for me.
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Dakronick on September 20, 2016, 06:13:03 pm
Ok here is my update on this experiment.
Energy, 9-10 (would be ten but it gave me jitters is only reason for 9 instead of 10 kinda uncomfortable at one time)
depression relief,  7-10
anti anxiety, 5-10 (was a little anxious but not as bad as if i had drank an energy drink)
duration 7-10 (actually lasted most of the morning)

Well i drank this at 4-5 AM and didnt really notice it until about thirty min to an hour after drinking, i noticed more focus and felt alert. But not very motivated. But i suffer from depression so that is normal for me. Which was nice normally i am groggy until i take kratom. So far kratom was the only thing i had found that actually wakes me up and gets me going in the mornings.
Then i had kinda thought that was about all the effects, Then i went to work at 7AM still awake, and alert, just didnt really feel ready for the day, still no motivation. But about 8 am i started feeling very nice, my mood picked up and i actually felt pretty motivated once i got moving.
I had the jitters a little bit, so i think i will just reduce how much i take and try this again. This was a nice experience. I did not notice any crash, but i also took some guarana about noon. All in all i was in a good mood all morning so i think this blend is nice, but its better if you are moving and actually doing something you will notice it more.

I will try this some more this review is just from my first experience with it.
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Saxifrage on September 21, 2016, 05:13:50 pm
Hey Dakronick, great review!  I feel very similarly about Kundalini Coffee, it is a very get up and go type blend, and yes the euphoria is felt more when one is performing tasks or accomplishing things.  Listening to music during all of this can be quite euphoric indeed.  Some similar blends you may enjoy would be Mayan Chocolate, Egyptian Chocolate, or Adaptogen Chai.  All have that groovy get up and go type feeling to them.  Welcome to the forum by the way!
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Dakronick on September 22, 2016, 09:55:07 pm
TY for the welcome :) i plan to try the ones you mentioned, i will have to wait a couple weeks for another paycheck, but i am looking further into botanicals for my well being. The possible Kratom ban really has me scared, so i am trying to find something for relief from depression and anxiety with energy involved. It turns out this is quite difficult lol. I have found a few effective anti depression and anxiety herbs that are great for relaxing, but not one that energizes as well, it seems kratom is indeed very unique. I am looking into trying to make my own blend. But i am new to botanicals so i am struggling finding info on what is safe to mix together. Yohimbe definitely increases stamina and blood flow and physical energy, but by itself even in very small doses it makes me a little anxious, so i need to find a better energy herb to mix with a realaxing one.  :)
Title: Re: Kundalini Coffee (Meridianbotnaicals)
Post by: Roopey on December 29, 2016, 02:59:24 pm
Adding Tulsi/Gotu Kola reduces the anxiety caused by Yohimbe.