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Title: Reishi: Mushroom of Immortality
Post by: on January 26, 2016, 02:39:10 pm
"Also, I cannot recommend a daily herb regiment with red reishi [lingzhi ganoderma] highly enough. "Modern" medicine is largely influenced by giving patients drugs that can be PATENTED so that they can make money. Herbs are natural (unless they're genetically modified) and cannot, therefore, be very profitable because they can't be patented. In some cases, however, herbs are the most effective treatment. I've even read stories on the internet of people curing their ASTHMA after supplementing with red reishi for 2-3 years. It is most commonly known as one of the most powerful immunomodulating herbs on the planet -- commonly making an appearance in the ingredients list of modern HIV treatments. It's benefits are subtle to the sporadic/first-time user, but a consistent, daily user will experience a wealth of benefits, including a stronger immune system, easier breathing, calmer nerves, enhanced energy... Those are just things that I experienced after only a few months of consistent use. The stronger immune system translates into reduced allergy suffering (e.g. hay fever) because allergic reactions are an actually a type of immune response, and a reishi-supported immune system is simple stronger. Allow me to illustrate... The following is my true experience. At one time, I had taken reishi daily for about 4 months. I'd noticed a host of benefits already, including a distinct lack of bug bites despite a very mosquito-laden summer. I knew I must've been getting bit, but there just weren't any bumps. I felt that this was probably the reishi; so I decided to test it one day when I saw a CLOUD of mosquitoes. Yes, I purposely walked right into it... And I walked out with no bumps. Those bumps are actually an allergic response, which means that they're actually an immune system response. The fact that my body handled X-number of bug bites so much more effectively is a real testament to the immune-boosting properties of this herb. The herb is also famed for its superb impact on the kidneys and endocrine system. In fact, it is known since ancient times as the 'king of herbs' in China..."
...a self-repost from a FB convo.

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Title: Re: Reishi: Mushroom of Immortality
Post by: plantmind on February 01, 2016, 04:16:20 pm
Yes reishi is fantastic! Another greqat thing is it seems to grow all over the place and is pretty easy to distinguish from other mushrooms due to the vibrant color and glossy sheen found on many ganoderma lucidums.  Whip up a bunch of caps with water in a crockpot to make a potent tea. There is somewhat of a psychoactive component to the reishi. A sense of calm, meditative, peace of mind... Blissful :)
Title: Re: Reishi: Mushroom of Immortality
Post by: MissGreen on January 08, 2018, 06:49:12 am
i heard so much good things about reishi. however, i don't see this stuff near my location.