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Title: Best Meridian Botanicals Blends for Productivity and Stimulation?
Post by: kylekingsly on March 11, 2018, 03:24:41 PM
First of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. Is there somewhere that would be better to discuss blends of herbs? I didn't think the formulations section made sense since I'm not trying to make my own blends.

Anyway, what do yíall think the best herbs or blends from Meridian Botanicals (or other suppliers?) for productivity enhancement and getting unenjoyable, mentally intensive work quickly? Iím primarily interested in inducing a ďflowĒ state that specifically improves motivation, focus, and mental clarity.

At the same time, Iím looking for nice energy and mood boosting or even euphoria to give me the stimulant-esque feel good push to help me actually want to do work and enjoy it as much as possible as Iím getting it done (but not so much that I get overly distracted with feeling good, lol).

I want to avoid any supplements and herbs that could induce noticeable anxiety, overstimulation, dampening of emotions, or anything else that could socializing/ordinary life difficult. Iím a college student and so often transition between trying to get projects and essays and hanging out with friends/attending club meetings. I need to be able to switch easily between having a good time with my friends and being productive and ready to work hard. Iíve tried a lot of nootropics to help with productivity but so they tend to either not work well or detract from my normal life too much to be useful for regular use.

Right now, Iím thinking combining Meridianís Rainforest Clarity with their Kundalini Coffee blends, because those seem to be the best for my purposes based on the reviews by Brann Adams (on Iíve read. However, Iím also strongly considering Meridianís MindWill powder, along with their Egyptian/Mayan Chocolate blends and possibly the Rainforest Rootbeer. I think I want to get the best two blends to combine, so if you could only choose two of Meridianís blends, which would you choose if you were in my position? I also think sida cordifolia sounds fascinating and am looking into it.

Any and all feedback or advice is very much appreciated. Also, if yíall have experience with any of the blends I mentioned, Iíd love to hear about it! Thanks in advance yíall 😊