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Author Topic: White Sumatra  (Read 543 times)

Brann Adams

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White Sumatra
« on: August 29, 2016, 01:47:20 PM »

(( From Facebook page Botanical Brann Reviews ))
From: Meridianbotanicals.com dicount code: Yang7 for 7% off Storewide.
I took 6grams on an empty stomach with a lil cayenne as potentiator. I have tried this once before and it is a "Screaming White". I took this at the proper time to test it because it is Monday and I am barely able to MOVE. Let's see if this brings me back from the Dead! I barely even want to move. This strain is one that my factory working and truck loading people like.
----------20 minutes later-------------------
OK, as the effects begin to come over me, finally I can actually start to focus. The "Screaming Energy" is coming through such heavy layer of my fatigue right now that I count it as a victory that I am actually writing this review and not running back to bed. Then as it kicks in farther, I feel the aches of fatigue start to fall away and my eyes are no longer heavy. This is pretty damn good actually. There is a feeling I get when I start to feel a really strong kratom kicking in that tells me that I am getting a very good effects. I am getting that feeling of "Kratom Glow" which is bringing me fully back to awareness with a nice kick of "Mood lift" . Wow! So that is what my hard working friends like about this strain. This mood lift is really potent. It actually kinda reminds of the White Indo that I reviewed. This mood lift pretty smooth. I thought I was going to get all tense and be overstimulated but but instead I just feel such a good Mood Lift combined with that "Kratom Glow" feeling that I actually feel like wanting to continue moving and not fall asleep again. Color me impressed. Let's see how I break it down with my ratings system.
[DEPRESSION]-{9.5}- This kratom just broke through a very strong "Black Depression" lethargy I was feeling. I am feeling a great Mood Lift that is making my body feel lighter taking away the heavy feeling of fatigue. This is nailing both of the symptoms of my depression. It gives me the mood lift to want to even move around in the first place and now my body has the energy to get moving.
[ANXIETY]-{6}- This is a surprisingly smooth feeling of energy. I wasn't expecting this but it is still a very strong energy. I am starting to feel the "Screaming Energy" part as the kratom finally kicks in fully. I am jittering a little bit but I am not as jittery as I thought I was going to be. So, if this is mixed with a good mellow strain of kratom, it would be easy to get all the jitters ironed out. Still , I wouldn't try to take this strain by itself if I was having and anxiety.
[ENERGY]-{10}- I see now the energy is very strong but a lot of the energy is in the form of the uplifting mood lift. Yes, there is a lot of straight up stimulation in this strain but the mood lift really helps to put me in the mood to take action. This strain has done an awesome job of getting my very fatigued body moving.
[PAIN]-{8.5}- Surprise , surprise! I feel almost no pain. Whites aren't normally good for pain but I am feeling almost as much pain relief as I did with a red. That is uncommon. I think that anytime I get the "Kratom Glow" , that my opiate receptors are being antagonized.
So, Great , Smooth Mood Lift and a solid punch of energy. It took me from dead on my feet to actually getting my day together and writing this review. This would be a great white element to any mix. I cannot wait to try this with a red kratom. I think it would make a great red/white sweetspot.
In Short: Moodlift / Energy / Pain
(Remember that I am not a Doctor nor certified in any way. I am merely a Kratom Nerd who is endlessly fascinated by the beneficial effects of this miraculous plant we call KRATOM! )

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